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Legend is an army of #fabulous people who specialise in design, branding, marketing, web development, insights, , PR, copywriting, and project management. We’re on a never-ending quest to share your story and guide you and your business to epicness.

What it means to be a Legend

To be a Legend means to be a great storyteller, having the skills to produce epic work, and having the desire to do all this as part of a team. For us, collaboration is crucial. We question, critique and challenge each other to deliver greatness.

We’re more than just passionate about what we do — we fight for what we believe in. Because ultimately we want your brand to be the best it can be, and do that, we need to do our best work.

Our values

Our team and our culture mean everything. We work and live by a set of values that define our daily lives. We give each other courage, we’ve got each other’s backs, and we love to have a laugh.

If you would like help to define your business values and vision, get in touch.

Meet the team

Sam Clemerson


p.r. + content specialist / town crier

Our resident red head, Sam's expertise lie in copywriting, PR, and the ever so difficult task of balancing her love for hiking and cupcakes. While her KeepCup may be the tiniest thing we've ever seen, her writing packs a real punch.

Gemma Schofield

Gemma Schofield

graphic designer / unicorn trainer

Gemma the Gemini is our creative superstar who keeps us motivated with her positive ‘we can do anything’ attitude. She made the move from Auckland a few years ago and has been sucked into the Taupo lifestyle — when she’s not busy creating, you’ll find her tearing up State Highway Fun or climbing a mountain.

Allen Sun

Allen Sun

director / master archer

Allen is our new legendary leader after Sarah handed the unicorn reigns over to him in 2019. When he’s not in the office making sure we’re all behaving, he’s in Auckland spending time with his whanau. His Bachelor of Management, majoring in HR and marketing, plus his wealth of experience in sales ensures Legend’s business success. Thankfully, he focuses on the numbers so the rest of us can focus on the creative stuff.

Penny Egerton


graphic designer / spell caster

Pen-ny is definitely mightier than the sword. She’s our legendary designer/wordsmith/mastermind – and dang is she good! Sometimes we wonder where she gets all her epic ideas, maybe there’s something in the coffee.

Adrian Montenegro

Adrian Montenegro

graphic designer / moonwalker

This talented Argentinian brings to Legend some seriously epic 3D and motion graphics skills, and perhaps more importantly, cooks the best empanadas you’ll ever taste. He has a Bachelor of graphic design, loves travelling and learning about new cultures, and proudly claims that Taupo is one of the friendliest places he’s ever lived.

Jacalyn Later

Jacalyn Later

marketing strategist / dream catcher

Jackie is… who are we kidding, you know Jackie, everyone in Taupo knows Jackie! She’s a social butterfly who enjoys being out in the community and helping the team to make a difference for clients. On weekends you’ll find in her happy space — dabbling in acrylic painting, up-cycling old furniture and cooking up a storm for her ever-hungry boys.

Bjarne Frederiksen

Bjarne Frederiksen

web developer / code sorcerer

Bjarne hails from Hamilton where he’s worked as a web developer since 2013. He's completed a Bachelor of Electronic Commerce at Waikato University with - lucky for us - a computer science major. He's a clever cookie who loves modern web technologies and knows WordPress inside and out.

Kerry Wakelin, Web Developer, Legend

Kerry Wakelin

web developer / castle builder

Kerry builds fabulous websites for our clients. Her trusty sidekick, aka Rupert the dog, supervises her work and keeps her company throughout the day. Her superpower is translating the geeky terms into a language us mortals can understand.

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Marketing geniuses, award-winning designers, lion tamers, data analysts, shield wielders and web developers. We partner with businesses and use our creative brainpower to help them grow and reach their customers in relevant and engaging ways. Whatever you need, Legend has it.

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