Mt Ruapehu Life Pass.

Client. Ruapehu Alpine Lifts

Base. Right next to Mount Doom, Middle Earth

Legend has it. They like snow.

Graphic Design
Brand Strategy
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Copy Writing
Social Media
Web Design

The Brief.

The legendary Life Pass — an infamous pass that gives you access to Mount Ruapehu for life (who knew?).

The last time a pass of this magnitude was offered was over a decade ago, so needless to say we needed to come out with a bang with this one. The brief was simple…*break the number one rule of design and* go off-brand. To stand out from the main RAL brand (have you found that in our showcase?), this project needed to disrupt what people would otherwise expect from the brand.

Essentially, we had to convince people why a Life Pass was worth investing in. The answer was simple — because a Life Pass would guarantee you a mountain of moments, and a lifetime of laughter.

We were inspired by skiers’ goggles; where we found bright teals, pinks, oranges…and an image of what the user sees reflected in them. Directing a photoshoot to capture these reflections allowed us to enable people to see through the eyes of the goggle-wearer, and ultimately wish that they were there to create their own memories. We focused on the small things — the special moments created between two friends; between a grandfather and his grandson; between a mother and her daughter.

The photo suite influenced our colour palette, and enabled us to support the imagery with simple design elements, such as the Life Pass badge. We applied these to collateral such as billboards, posters, table toppers, massive banners, Google ads, Instagram animations, social media, and an awesome microsite. We also hear that RAL smashed their estimated sales, so that’s gotta count for something!

Mt Ruapehu Life Pass
Mt Ruapehu Life Pass
Mt Ruapehu Life Pass
Mt Ruapehu Life Pass
Mt Ruapehu Life Pass
Mt Ruapehu Life Pass
Mt Ruapehu Life Pass
Mt Ruapehu Life Pass

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