Destination Great Lake Taupo

Client. Destination Great Lake Taupo

Base. Taupo, New Zealand

Legend has it. It's pronounced "tow-pour."

The Brief.

For over five years, we’ve been working closely with Destination Great Lake Taupō (DGLT), the regional marketing collective for Taupō. In that time we’ve created just about everything including: vehicle signage, digital marketing, trade show setups, Fieldays site design (where we won ‘best rural area living site’), microsites, copywriting, giveaways and more.

We’re super proud to call Taupō home, and as advocates for this amazing town, we love injecting character and weaving stories into the Great Lake Taupō brand.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, have a nosey at the signage inside and out of our local iSITE.

We are SO stoked — we’ve been getting so much good feedback [on the winter campaign]. Thank you for your work on this, we are thrilled!!! BOOM!

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