Huka Honey Hive

Client. Huka Honey Hive

Base. Lake Taupo

Legend has it. they have the buzz on bees.

The Brief.

We’ve worked closely with the Huka Honey Hive for over five years! During that time we’ve been like busy worker bees and worked on a bunch of projects; epic wallpaper, indoor and outdoor signage, brochures, newsletters (print and digital), enticing POS ticketing, trade show setups, creative copywriting, website design, photography, strategic marketing plans, and, well you get the idea… loads of stuff!

Over the past 10 years the Legend team has been looking after our annual marketing plan including our website. We have always found the whole Legend team to be amazingly creative, forward thinkers and planners for the benefit of our company. Our website has developed into a true reflection of our people, our place and our products through incorporating our core values. We highly recommend them as people of integrity who listen, are focused and have fun doing so.

Blair Matheson Huka Honey Hive
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